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Sometimes the simple things in life really are best – and the rise of online bingo as one of the UK’s most popular leisure choices prove the point.

Bingo is no longer the reserve of sweet old ladies – it’s now got a growing hip following, including countless celebrities such as Peter & Jordan, Chris Evans, Robbie Williams and Jenifer Lopez. The amazing celebrity interest in the game has powered the game’s popularity among youth culture, and it’s now regularly played by millions their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – all over the world. Yep – bingo is now officially ‘uber cool’!

At the heart of bingo’s popularity is its innate simplicity – you just grab a numbered card and mark off the numbers as they’re called. There’s no such thing as bingo skill… everyone can quickly become an ‘expert’. Maybe that’s why the celebs love the game, because they instantly become normal (ok, so if Robbie turns up in chat you might go crazy – but you know what I mean!). Essentially, you can get gaming today and have as much chance of winning, than your granny whose played bingo for 20 years!

Bingo might be popular with the celebs, but it definitely doesn’t have an A–List price tag. In fact, you can join the action for as little as five pence per ticket – making it a very affordable leisure game. In fact, bingo ultra-affordable nature has skyrocketed it up the charts as one of the UK’s leading leisure activities…..more popular than watching premier league football at the weekend (yes – really!).

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Powering the real popularity of web bingo is the parlour’s cool social power……tagging on to the intrinsic fun of social networking websites. Many leading bingo portals have become ‘The Place’ to make new buddies, catch up on daily gossip and take a break from your daily stress. You can even meet up with distant friends and re-live past fun. Bingo games are loaded with instant chat screens, allowing you to banter and joke your way through the games. It’s the social power of internet bingo that has really taken the game to the top of the pops.

Of course, you can also add the bonus of great prizes to the action. Every month in the UK, most bingo websites payout big money jackpots, often ranging from £1000 - £50000! Of course, you need be seriously lucky to grab a big win, but with numerous ways to claim rewards……thousands of gamers are regularly picking up lower value payouts. There’s no rush like battling to finish a line of numbers before another games strikes it lucky….and it all adds to the constant chit chat.

Searching the web will find you an array of bingo parlour styles – so take you time to find the one that makes you smile and has definitive fee-good factor. The newest parlours are powered by casino level technology, delivering lovely themed graphics that are perfect when you’re feeling down. Today’s gamers want the looks to go with the action.

The best way to discover the delights of online bingo is with free bingo bonus money. Just sign-up and instantly claim free tokens and multiple cards. Make sure you don’t need to make a deposit to start gaming……then get the chat action straight on your screen. If you love it, great – keep gaming – but if it’s not your cup of tea… haven’t lost a penny.

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